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    Our Flowery History

    From a Dream to a Flourishing Flower Farm

    Welcome to Horton's Flower Farm, where every flower tells the story of a dream turned into reality. Just a year ago, I could hardly imagine that I would be writing about my own flower farm, a vibrant testament to the unexpected turns life can take.

Our Beginning

farming sustainably together

It all started with a routine doctor’s appointment that ended unexpectedly early, allowing my husband and I a rare opportunity to venture out East on Long Island in search of flowers. This seemingly ordinary day was the beginning of something extraordinary. At a local greenhouse, we discovered not only the flowers I had longed to cultivate but also a chance to transform an unused acre into our own blossoming oasis.


Early on in our relationship, we took an exciting road trip with our tandem bike. The adventure included remote corners of Oregon, Yosemite National Park, and the Napa Valley. A lot of the trails we explored were unpaved and ill-suited for our trusty tandem, but we learned that if we worked together, we could go almost anywhere.

Our special corner of the

willamette valley

“Andante”— A Deliberately Moderate Tempo

music and vines

A Leap of Faith

The idea of building a flower farm from scratch was daunting. With three children and full-time jobs, the prospect seemed nearly impossible. Yet, the pull of this dream was irresistible. Encouraged by a friendly farmer who offered us the use of his land, we decided to take a leap of faith.

Creating Horton’s Flower Farm

honoring the great egrets

Over the next three months, we poured our hearts and souls into the soil of what would become Horton’s Flower Farm. Hand-seeding each flower, we slowly transformed an overgrown field into a sanctuary of peace and beauty. This journey was not just about growing flowers but about creating a space for everyone to enjoy and find a moment of tranquility.

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Horton’s Flower Farm stands as a living dream on the North Fork of Long Island—a place where families, friends, and flower enthusiasts can reconnect with nature and experience the simple joy of picking their own bouquets. The peace and serenity this farm has brought me are what I hope to share with every visitor who walks through our gates.

A Grateful Reflection

Reflecting on that serendipitous day at the doctor’s office, it’s clear that sometimes, life’s cancellations are actually invitations to embrace new beginnings. It’s funny to think the doctor was right—I really should have played the lottery that day, but in many ways, I feel like I already won.

Visit us to experience the magic of Horton’s Flower Farm firsthand. Whether you come to pick flowers or just to wander in our fields, we can’t wait to share our slice of paradise with you.