• Private Sunset Reservations

    Private Sunset Viewings at Horton’s Flower Farm

    Experience the Magic of Sunset Amongst the Blooms on Long Island’s North Fork

    Horton’s Flower Farm offers exclusive private sunset viewings that provide a breathtaking backdrop for romantic evenings, special anniversaries, or tranquil solitude. Witness the spectacular sunset hues blending with the vibrant colors of our flowers—a photographer’s dream and a lover’s paradise.

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Why Choose a Private Sunset Viewing?

  • Unmatched Beauty: Enjoy the farm’s scenery bathed in golden light, providing a perfect, peaceful end to your day.
  • Exclusivity: The farm is reserved just for you and your guests, ensuring a private and intimate experience.
  • Perfect for Special Occasions: Whether it’s a marriage proposal, an anniversary, or a special date night, our sunset viewings make it unforgettable.

Sunset Package Includes:

  • Guided Tour: A leisurely tour of the farm, highlighting the best spots for sunset views.
  • Refreshments: Complimentary wine and local cheeses served as you watch the sunset.
  • Comfortable Seating: Cozy setups with blankets and chairs to relax and enjoy the evening.

How to Reserve:

  • Check Availability: Sunset viewings are available by appointment from May through September.
  • Book Your Date: Contact us to select your preferred date and discuss any special arrangements.
  • Confirmation: We’ll confirm your booking and provide all the details needed to make your evening perfect.

Reserve your private sunset viewing at Horton’s Flower Farm now, and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature at dusk!