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    Homeschool Adventures at Horton’s Flower Farm

    Educational and Fun Flower Farming Experience for Homeschool Groups

    Horton’s Flower Farm on Long Island’s North Fork offers a unique educational environment where homeschool students can learn about botany, ecology, and the art of horticulture through hands-on experiences.

Educational Focus

Plant Life Cycles

Students can explore how flowers grow from seeds to full blooms and learn about the factors that affect plant health.

Sustainable Farming

Dive into discussions on sustainable agriculture practices and the importance of biodiversity on our farm.

Art in Nature

Encourage creativity with activities that involve flower arranging and understanding the color spectrum in natural settings.

Trip Details


About 2-3 hours

Group Size

We can accommodate groups from 5 to 30 students

Age Range

Tailored programs for students from kindergarten to high school

Activities Include

Guided Tours

Walk through our fields with knowledgeable staff explaining the various types of flowers and their roles in the ecosystem

Hands-On Picking

Students can pick their own flowers, learning the correct techniques to cut and preserve them

Interactive Workshops

From composting lessons to art classes using flowers, our workshops are designed to engage students in learning

Booking and Prices

Guided Tours

 $10 per student, which includes all activities and materials.


Reservations are required at least two weeks in advance to ensure a personalized and organized experience.

Book a homeschool trip to Horton’s Flower Farm and give your students a memorable educational experience in the heart of Long Island’s agricultural hub. Contact us today to plan your visit!