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    Horton’s Flower Farm is proud to offer a unique and affordable experience right here on Long Island. Our pricing is designed to provide access to everyone who wishes to enjoy picking their own flowers and creating beautiful bouquets.

Gallery Features:

  • Seasonal Variations: Experience the farm’s transformation across different seasons, providing a dynamic backdrop for all types of photography.
  • Events and Sessions: View past photography sessions that highlight the farm’s versatility, from family portraits and engagements to fashion shoots.
  • Favorite Spots: Discover the most photogenic spots on the farm, as captured by various photographers.

Navigating the Portfolio

  • Our online gallery is easy to navigate, with high-resolution images that can be viewed and downloaded for inspiration. Each photo is tagged with details about the location on the farm and the type of flora featured.

Using Our Portfolio:

  • For Inspiration: Let our portfolio guide your creative planning for upcoming shoots.
  • For Clients: Show our portfolio to clients as examples of the potential settings for their own photography sessions.

Inspired byour portfolio? Contact us to book your photography session at Horton’s Flower Farm and add your own unique ima ges to our gallery!