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    Homeschool Adventures at Horton’s Flower Farm

    Educational and Fun Flower Farming Experience for Homeschool Groups

    Horton’s Flower Farm on Long Island’s North Fork offers a unique educational environment where homeschool students can learn about botany, ecology, and the art of horticulture through hands-on experiences.

Educational Objectives

Ecosystem Education

Discover the diverse ecosystems within a flower farm, including pollinator interactions and plant life cycles.

Sustainability Practices

Learn about sustainable farming techniques and the importance of conservation in agriculture.

Art and Science Integration

Engage in activities that blend creative arts with scientific observation, such as botanical drawing and flower arrangement.

Trip Details


Typically 2-3 hours, customizable based on educational needs and age levels.

Group Size

We accommodate groups ranging from 10 to 50 students, from elementary to high school.


Our farm includes a picnic area for lunch breaks, accessible restrooms, and ample space for bus parking

Activities Include

Guided Farm Tours

Led by knowledgeable staff, these tours provide insights into the types of flowers grown and the daily operations of a working flower farm.

Hands-On Activities

Students can plant seeds, pick flowers, and participate in soil health workshops.

Educational Games

Designed to reinforce learning objectives in a fun and engaging way.

Pricing and Booking

  • Cost: $8 per student; teachers and chaperones attend free.
  • Booking: Please book at least one month in advance. Contact us for availability and to customize your trip.

Bring your class to Horton’s Flower Farm for a day of learning and fun! Contact us today to schedule an unforgettable field trip tailored to your educational goals.