• Photography Sessions on the Farm

    Explore Our Affordable U-Pick Flower Pricing

    Craft Your Perfect Bouquet at Horton’s Flower Farm

    Horton’s Flower Farm is proud to offer a unique and affordable experience right here on Long Island. Our pricing is designed to provide access to everyone who wishes to enjoy picking their own flowers and creating beautiful bouquets.

Session Features

Diverse Scenery

With over a hundred varieties of flowers and meticulously maintained gardens, our farm ensures a versatile portfolio of backdrops.

Privacy and Exclusivity

Book your photography session for exclusive access to parts of the farm, ensuring a peaceful and uninterrupted experience.

Golden Hour Access

For the most beautiful lighting, we offer early morning and late afternoon sessions during the golden hours.

Session Details:

  • Booking Options: Sessions can be booked for either half-day or full-day access.
  • Rates: 30 Minute sessions start at $299 (10 Images), 1 hour sessions are $599 (25 images).
  • Amenities: We provide on-site restrooms and a changing area for outfit transitions.


  • Advance Booking: We require bookings to be made at least two weeks in advance.
  • Photography Etiquette: While on the farm, we ask all photographers and guests to respect the natural environment and adhere to designated paths.

Secure a spot for your next photo shoot at Horton’s Flower Farm, where natural beauty enhances every frame. Contact us today to book your photography session and create lasting memories amid the blossoms!