• Seasonal Flower Membership

    Seasonal Flower Membership

    Enjoy a Summer Full of Blooms!

    Join our Seasonal Flower Membership at Horton's Flower Farm and treat yourself to a weekly bouquet of fresh, vibrant flowers from July 15th to October 15th. With this membership, you get up to 14 bouquets across the summer season.

Membership Benefits

Weekly Bouquets: Collect one beautiful bouquet every week for up to 14 weeks, ensuring your home is continually brightened with fresh flowers.

- Exclusive Savings: Upgrade to a membership for just an additional $75.00 when you purchase one adult bouquet at the regular price. This grants you a season-long supply of flowers, offering great savings.

- Personalized Pass: You will receive a personalized membership pass with your name. Just bring your pass and a valid ID to pick up your bouquet any week you choose.

How the Savings Add Up

  • Regular Price Per Bouquet:
Total Cost Without Membership (14 Bouquets): $490.00
Membership Price: $75.00 + $35.00 (initial bouquet purchase) = $110.00

    Total Savings: $380.00 over the season
  • Savings Breakdown
By joining the Seasonal Flower Membership, you effectively pay only about $7.86 per bouquet—an impressive 78% off the regular price!

This membership is an excellent opportunity for those who love having fresh flowers and also appreciate great value.

How to Join

To enroll in the Seasonal Flower Membership,

simply purchase your first bouquet at the regular price and opt for the $75.00 membership upgrade. Your personalized pass will be issued immediately, allowing you to enjoy your weekly bouquets without further hassle.

Celebrate the beauty of Long Island’s North Fork with fresh, exquisite blooms every week at Horton’s Flower Farm!